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Carbon Black and non-persistent VDI

In my previous blog post, I explained how a couple of options to install the Carbon Black sensor. If the sensor is successfully deployed, the machine will be shown on the Carbon Black Cloud Management page. But how does this work with VDI and especially in a non-persistent environment? In this blog post, I’ll explain […]

Installing Carbon Black sensors

In my previous blog, I explained how to install and configure the VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload Server Appliance. With that done, VMware Carbon Black is now tightly integrated with VMware vSphere to yield an “agentless” solution. But it’s not really that “agentless”.  Before the Carbon Black Cloud can manage and gather endpoint telemetry a […]

Set up Carbon Black Cloud Workload Protection

In 2019 VMware announced the acquisition of Carbon Black. At that time my interest in security products was a bit “meh”. It was at VMworld 2020 this year where the words “Intrinsic Security” triggered my attention as I watched one of the keynotes from home. I then decided to add some of the security sessions […]

JMP: Installing and Configuring – Part four

With the JMP infrastructure all set, the time has come to configure JMP in the Management Console. Because JMP is made to manage all components within one interface, the settings and assignment pages are integrated in the Horizon View Management Console.   Start a browser session to the Horizon View Management Console. Select the JMP […]