VMware App Volumes – Edit an AppStack

When editing an AppStack you can change the AppStack name, description and you’ll have the option to adjust the operating systems you want to run the AppStack on. Because my provisioning machine runs Windows Server 2012 R2 and my client run on Windows 10 I have to edit the AppStack in order to get it to work. Note: This will not work in all cases. It’s best to capture and deliver an application on the same OS.

How to: Edit an AppStack:

  1.  In the App Volumes Manager, open the AppStack and click Edit.
  2.  Select the operating system you want to run the applications on. In this case I use Windows 10 x64 on my client.
  3. When you select the operating system, you will receive a pop-up that notifies you that the operating system you selected if different from the one it got captured on. Click OK to continue.
  4. The new operating system is now selected, click Save.
  5.  Click Save to save your settings

We now have created, provisioned and edited an AppStack. The next part is the assignment of the AppStack.

VMware App Volumes and AppStacks:
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Chapter two: Provision an AppStack
Chapter three: Capture an application
Chapter four: Edit an AppStack
Chapter five: Assign an AppStack
Chapter six: Unassign an AppStack
Chapter seven: Update an AppStack