VMware App Volumes – Unassign an AppStack

In the next chapter I would like to show you how to update an AppStack. Although it’s not required before updating, I’m going to unassign the attached AppStack from my client machine as a first step. When you unassign an AppStack, all applications with in the AppStack will no longer be available for the user. Just like assigning an AppStack you now have the possibility to detach the AppStack at next login or reboot or immediately.


How to: Unassign an AppStack

  1.  In the App Volumes Manager, select the AppStack and click Unassign.

  2.  Select the active directory object attached to the AppStack, and click Unassign.

  3.  In this case I want to immediately detach the AppStack from the desktop, and click Unassign.

  4.  The AppStack is now detached from the desktop and it should no longer be available to the user. To check this, switch to the client machine and you will notice that the icons have been removed and the application is no longer shown in the Control panel. How cool is that!?

  5. And as a final check, open the browser and browse the program files folder, you’ll see that the application folders are also gone.

As said, in the next chapter I’m going to update my AppStack with Notepad ++ version 6.9 to version 7.1. Click here to continue.

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