Consume Published Apps on Demand through Workspace ONE

In my previous blogs I’ve explained how you can use the new Published Apps on Demand feature in App Volumes, and consume the applications through either a Horizon RDSH farm or VDI desktop pool using the Horizon Client. In this blog, I’m going a step further and integrate the Horizon Published Apps with my Workspace […]

Create a custom connector for Microsoft Teams in Workspace ONE Intelligence

This blog post describes the steps for creating a custom connector in VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence that can send messages to your Microsoft Teams channel(s).  Use Case In my Microsoft 365 Developer environment, I have created a new Team and some additional channels to simulate a SOC team. In the alerts channel, I want Workspace […]

Securing devices with VMware Carbon Black and Workspace ONE UEM

In my previous blogs, I talked about the various ways to install the Carbon Black sensor and how this works in a non-persistent VDI environment. So now have secured our virtual infrastructure, what to do with all the physical devices like corporate laptops and desktops? Or maybe you have a BYOD policy within your company, […]