Day 0 onboarding, my first experience

The year 2020 is weird. Like almost everybody, I started to fully work from home at the beginning of March. Halfway through the first COVID-19 wave, I had the feeling that I needed a change.

Although I was still very happy at Login Consultants, I felt something was missing. When I saw Johan van Amersfoort posting this message on Twitter, I thought ‘why not, you can always start a conversation and see where it goes’. So I reached out to Johan, we had a chat about the COVID-19 life, work, and of course ITQ. After the conversation with Johan, I decided to send my resume and see where it would lead from there.

Long story short, after several conversations with people from all the layers in the ITQ organization I decided that ITQ was the change I needed and we had a verbal agreement to take the next steps. 

Because of COVID-19, all the conversations we had were done from home and we never met in person. So I was curious how the whole onboarding process would go, from filling in forms and sending the required data to signing the contract.

And then there was VMware Workspace ONE

Two months before my first day at ITQ, I got an email with credentials and a link to the ITQ portal. After logging in, I had access to the HR application where I was able to start the onboarding process. After filling out all the paperwork and uploading my diplomas and certificates, I was able to track the status of my onboarding and eventually digitally sign my contract.

After I signed my contract all other things were set in motion and I received a message to order my laptop and smartphone. ITQ has a “choose your own” policy so I was able to pick and whatever I liked. I had my eyes on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a while so that was a quick decision and the order was sent out.

So that went pretty smoothly and I was impressed by how easy it was to get all the administration done without even visiting the office or having to contact all the different people involved in my onboarding. I could sit back and relax while everything was arranged.

After a nice vacation, my first ITQ workday had arrived. In the early morning, I received my ITQ welcome package containing not only my laptop and smartphone but also a lot of ITQ swag to give my ITQ career a good kickstart.

When I booted my laptop for the first time, I was able to log in and enroll my laptop with the credentials I used earlier. After a couple of minutes, the enrollment process was done and I noticed that I now had access to all applications and resources assigned to my account instead of only the HR application when I logged in before my first working day.

Meanwhile, I had started the migration process from my old Samsung Galaxy S10 to my new S20. When my backup was restored on the S20, I installed the VMware Verify app. After setting up VMware Verify with my fingerprint, I no longer need to enter a code for the MFA on the Workspace ONE portal, which makes life a bit easier. To finalize the enrollment of my smartphone I installed the Intelligent Hub app and signed in with my credentials. A couple of apps were installed and I immediately had access to the same applications and resources as I had on my laptop.

I already was a fan of Workspace ONE, but the ease of this all convinced me that Workspace ONE is a must-have for every environment. Within an hour I had everything set up to I was ready to start my ITQ career. But it’s not only how easy it was for me to get started. Two months before I would start at ITQ I already felt connected to the company and when my first day was over, I said to my wife: “it felt like coming home”.

If you are looking into Workspace ONE as a solution for your environment or need help with it, feel free to contact me or ITQ!